In November 2020, we shared our position on the “Black Friday” marketing event on this blog. And, two years later, it hasn't changed.

As large-scale promotional actions approach, we reiterate our commitment to the “Black for Good” collective. This alternative movement, created in 2019 by Typology , brings together more than 150 committed brands who wish to encourage consumers to adopt more virtuous purchasing habits from a social and environmental point of view.

Rather than benefiting from commercial discounts, we give them the opportunity to get involved with us by becoming a “consum’actor”*. In this logic, Fleuron wishes to donate, this year, 10% of its online turnover to the Fondation des femmes on all purchases made between November 25 and 27, 2022. The Fondation des femmes is a major structure in France which works for women's rights and fights against violence against them.

Thus, by purchasing a piece from our collection on our e-shop during this period, you are helping to support the action of the Foundation which saves, helps, educates and listens to thousands of women each year.

Let's together transform the act of hedonistic and ephemeral purchasing into a lasting commitment, which is good for ourselves and others.

To make a donation to the Women’s Foundation: it's here .

* The “consum'actor” is a consumer who reappropriates the act of consumption by using his purchasing power to protect the values ​​and causes he defends.