Transparency is important to us and always will be. That's why we are writing this article, to explain to you the reasons why we have to increase our prices in 2023.

Like you, we would have wished for a different economic and social context. For several months, the persistent inflation and the energy crisis we are facing have led to a significant increase in the costs of raw materials and production. And for Fleuron, compromising on the quality and durability of our products, which are the very essence of our house, is out of the question.

In order to continue designing High Leather Goods pieces with the same demanding standards while respecting our commitments, we must adjust our prices starting January 3, 2023. We could have done it immediately, but it seemed important to us to inform you, to let you anticipate this announcement as the end-of-year holidays approach.

From the beginning, we have been committed to offering fair and accessible prices that reflect the true value of our creations. Our direct-to-consumer business model without intermediaries already allows us to reduce the price for the end customer as much as possible. Deciding to absorb the cost increase without raising our prices would significantly reduce our margins, which would pose a problem in the development of our collection and future projects.

However, we keep in mind our initial goal: to offer the finest materials with artisanal and sustainable manufacturing at the fairest price for everyone.

So, thank you for your trust!