Le Bon Marché is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year. And on this occasion, the department store from the famous novel by Émile Zola “Au Bonheur des Dames” has completely redesigned its Leather Goods area to bring together historic houses and new designers. We are privileged to have been selected to create our first exclusive pop-up store with them.

In May 2022, Le Bon Marché contacted us to present their project: integrating new creators and digital brands into their sales space that speak to a young audience. For us, it's fortunate to have caught the eye of France's first department store, recognized worldwide and visited each year by millions of people!

Conquered by the freshness of our brand DNA and the curves of our pieces, we decided to try the adventure for an exclusive 4-month pop-up store, while remaining faithful to our values. For us, it was essential to maintain the promise of a fair price in line with our DTC business model , which makes it possible to offer a purchase price for the end customer that is more attractive than from a reseller. The whole challenge of this collaboration lay in this central point: not increasing the prices of our parts so that they remain accessible.

After several discussions, the Bon Marché team, sensitive to our values ​​and our concerns, offered us a win-win agreement, which allows us to preserve our original promise.

For Fleuron, it is an opportunity to develop our notoriety and our image, to reach a new clientele with purchasing habits different from e-commerce and to allow a multi-generational audience to discover our collection, all at same price as in our own sales channels.

The Fleuron pop-up store can be discovered exclusively at Bon Marché until December 31, 2022.

[Updated December 2, 2022] There are Christmas gifts that come before their time... It is with immense joy that we announce that our exclusive pop up store will be present at Bon Marché in 2023! The renewal of our partnership demonstrates the confidence that Le Bon Marché has in our House of Fine Leather Goods as well as in our creations. We are delighted to be able to continue to welcome the public and customers to this Parisian institution for the whole of 2023.


A big thank you to Le Bon Marché for its trust and for making this collaboration possible!