Mini Hortensia
Noir Lisse


The charming miniature of the Hortensia bag elegantly captures the essence of the emblematic flower. This petite companion is perfect for incorporating your daily essentials with balance and elegance, inviting you to a poetic dance with every step.

Dive into the timeless sophistication of the Smooth Black Mini Hortensia, a marvel of leatherwork wrapped in exquisitely fine calf leather, dyed in a deep and enigmatic black. Crafted with artisanal precision in our renowned Italian workshops, this jewel represents the pinnacle of discreet elegance, infusing a refined aura of mystery into your accessory collection.

Pair the Smooth Black Mini Hortensia with outfits in soft and earthy colors for a sophisticated look. The subtle shades of cream, beige, or taupe will highlight its intense black, creating a rich and captivating contrast. For a touch of boldness, combine it with bursts of deep red or emerald, injecting unexpected vigor and passion into your ensemble.

The clasp, delicately inspired by the hydrangea, adds a touch of poetry to this sleek design, while the meticulously arranged interior combines beauty and functionality, providing a perfectly organized space for your essentials.

Dimensions: 19cm width x 14cm height x 5cm depth
Shoulder Strap: adjustable from 65cm to 110cm
Weight: 400g
Exterior:full-grain smooth calf leather
Interior: breathable microsuede lining, multiple compartments, and a card slot.
Metal Accessories: gold finish.
Logo: gold-stamped
We have selected high-quality leathers to create your bag. To maintain its beauty, we advise you to follow these recommendations:
• Avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes, or cosmetic products. If your bag should get wet, blot the leather with a soft, light-colored cloth to absorb the moisture.
• Avoid prolonged exposure to heat or intense light sources.
• Be cautious not to scratch it on abrasive surfaces.
• Take care not to pair it with textiles whose colors are not set, such as raw denim, as the colors may transfer onto the leather through rubbing.
• Do not enclose it in a plastic bag; store it instead in its protective felt covering. Do not keep it in a place that is too hot, humid, or not well-ventilated.
Every skin is unique: color variations, small marks, or veins are natural features and should not be considered imperfections.