Noir Lisse


Refinedly evoking the flower which symbolizes grace, its details recall the delicacy of the petals, establishing a balance between softness and character. Let yourself be enveloped in a poetic dance. More than an accessory, it is a promise of escape, where every moment is adorned with a discreet but unforgettable elegance.

Experience subtle sophistication with our Fleuron Hortensia bag, dressed in black calf leather of remarkable richness and intensity. This masterpiece is carefully hand-assembled in the finest workshops of Italy, capturing the very essence of effortless elegance that defies time.

The black of this Hortensia bag is remarkably versatile and refined, capable of complementing any wardrobe with a touch of understated elegance. Pair it with neutral-colored pieces such as grey, white, or nude for a chic and clean look, or let it stand out alongside more vibrant hues for a bold and refined style statement.

The clasp, delicately crafted into the shape of a hydrangea flower, speaks of refinement and an appreciation for the art of craftsmanship. The interior, designed with thoughtful organization, offers a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. This black Hortensia bag is an ode to timeless fashion, a centerpiece that remains relevant and coveted, season after season.

Dimensions : 22cm width x 17cm height x 6cm depth
Shoulder strap : adjustable from 65cm to 110cm
Weight : 630g
The exterior : smooth full grain calfskin
The interior : breathable microsuede lining, multi compartments and a card slot.
Metal accessories : gold finish.
Logo : stamped gold
Model : Anouchka is 1.67m tall.
We have selected high quality skins to make your bag. In order to preserve its beauty, we recommend that you follow these few recommendations:
• avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes or cosmetic products. If your bag gets wet, dab it with a soft, light-colored cloth to absorb the liquid.
• avoid prolonged exposure to heat or intense light sources.
• take care not to scratch it in contact with abrasive surfaces.
• take care not to combine it with textiles whose colors are not fixed, for example raw jeans, because the colors migrate to the leather by friction.
• do not lock it in a plastic bag, rather store it in its protective felt. Do not store it in a place that is too hot, humid or not ventilated.
Each skin is unique: color variations, small marks or veins are natural elements and should not be considered imperfections.