Bloom Bandeau 5x90cm
Vert Amande


A flower blooming is an ephemeral phenomenon, a snapshot when the petals open and reveal all the virtuosity of the flower. We decided to capture this unique moment of poetry so that it gently accompanies you every day.

Composed of a combination of Fleuron's emblematic colors, this headband can be tied in multiple ways on your bag or around your neck, very soft and light.

Made in Lyon, in a 100% silk "twill", as for traditional squares, the twill is a technique produced in "twill weave", that is to say that the weaving forms oblique stripes which highlight color and promote its lightness.

An organic and centuries-old material, silk is a natural fiber with an incomparable soft and silky touch and provides freshness in summer and warmth in winter.

Dimensions : 90cm length x 5cm width
Weight : 9g
Composition : 100% silk twill
Manufacturing : France, Lyon region
Impression : inkjet
For this collection of scarves and headbands, we have selected an organic and centuries-old material: silk, a natural fiber with an incomparable soft and silky touch. In order to preserve its beauty, we recommend that you follow these few recommendations:
• keep it flat and untied.
• avoid contact with water or chemicals.
• entrust cleaning to a specialized professional.