At Fleuron, we are fascinated by the artisanal gestures that transform materials. We make it a point of honor to use exceptional leathers renowned for their quality and durability over time. In our approach to excellence, we want each piece to be assembled by master leather workers who have centuries-old artisanal know-how, while offering a fair price for our customers.

The requirement: the keystone of the Maison Fleuron project

If we had to define the main characteristic of our pieces, it would be summed up in one word: “simplexity”. Each shape, each curve, each material and each detail contributes to a minimalist overall harmony which in reality hides very specific technical know-how. The challenge was therefore significant: succeed in combining quality, know-how and demanding design while respecting a target price defined in advance.

The most important thing for us was to work with people who hold all the know-how in leather goods, and who, thanks to the gold in their hands, could bring our pieces to life.

The other important criterion was to have European manufacturing, respectful of human rights and social working conditions. In Europe, two countries are renowned for having great expertise in leather goods: France and Italy.

Looking for master artisans to bring our pieces to life

Our trip begins in France. For a young brand, taking its first steps in this closed environment and succeeding in finding its place is a real challenge. As demand for Made in France is growing, most French workshops already have order books bursting at the seams, filled by the luxury houses for which they work. Our slow-fashion model is based on the production of a limited number of pieces. It is therefore more difficult to integrate workshops which favor a regular and increasing volume of orders. Very quickly, by making initial estimates, it seemed difficult to us to succeed in combining all our demanding criteria with production in France, all at the desired selling price.

From utopia to reality

And since at Fleuron we have no borders, we decide to fly to Italy. And it's in the Florence region of Tuscany, land of culture, art and - too! - by Leonardo da Vinci, that we are entering into a partnership with a historical workshop to support us in our project. For us, this is a big victory, the workshop is renowned for its exceptional know-how and works with international brands. A few weeks later, the first prototypes come to life, and after 6 months of adjustments and refinements, our first bags are finally ready to live their lives with our first customers...

Today, we are proud of the journey accomplished, which was not without difficulty, but allowed us to learn to persevere and always believe in our original vision. Every day, new customers trust us and confirm to us a little more that the challenge which seemed impossible has been successfully met...