“The extraordinary attracts us for a moment, the simplicity retains us longer, because it is in it that the essential lies,” said Garry Winogrand, an American photographer who knew like no one else how to capture moments of life. Fleuron perceives fashion this way. Each leather product is designed with attention to detail and perfects your Parisian style. The whole thing is elegant, measured, and becomes an everyday essential that we hold on to for a long time.


The symbolism of the flagship inspires our luxury leather goods. In architecture, the fleuron adds a final, floral touch to certain pieces of monuments. In botany, it is a flower within a flower. Between the demanding attention to detail of sculpture and the feminine curves of botany, Fleuron designs a refined, detailed New Luxury, but which leaves an impression of softness and simplicity.


But what makes the Parisian so magnetic? Is it this half-cheeky, half-laughing glance thrown by stealth? This outfit, this posture that she maintains in all circumstances, both when running to the metro and when she arrives at the office? His natural and striking style, yet expertly crafted? It is because she connects all these paradoxes that the Parisian inspires the creator of Fleuron and initiates resolutely modern leather goods.