Transparent sourcing

There is no question for Fleuron of compromising on the choice of materials and leathers that constitute its Collections.

The finest parts are carefully selected from renowned tanners – Italian, Belgian or Spanish. Their know-how has been affirmed over the decades. They guarantee quality leather.

We use full grain skins, recognized in leather goods for their prestige. Demanding European standards govern their authenticity, their origin and the identification of the leather.

Supervised manufacturing

It is in Paris that we think about the shapes, textures and feel of our leather Collections. It is then in Italy that master leather craftsmen transform the sketches into materials and then into everyday essentials.

The product is carefully checked at every stage of manufacturing. We work with respect for Human and Labor Rights with leather craftsmen who share our passion for beautiful materials and detail.

Fair price

In the same way that we create collections that are humble and devoid of excess, we apply this philosophy to our prices.

We have chosen to have no intermediary between you and us in order to be able to apply the fairest price, as close as possible to the reality of the object and its authenticity.

Sustainable fashion

The year 2020, more than ever, has reminded each of us of the importance of focusing on the essential and the sustainable. No need to accumulate, even less to waste.

We do not encourage fashion. We want our bags, card holders and everyday leather objects to be worn as a fragment of identity for as long as possible.