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Evoking the refined grace of the flower it is named after, the Hortensia bag’s details reflect the delicate nature of its petals, creating a perfect balance between softness and character. Let yourself be enveloped in a poetic dance. More than just an accessory, it’s a promise of escape, where every moment is adorned with discreet yet unforgettable elegance.

Dive into Elegance with the Hortensia Bag

Experience the elegance of the Hortensia bag by Fleuron, available in grained and smooth calfskin leather, and in both standard and mini sizes. Meticulously handcrafted in our Italian workshops, this bag stands out with its bold modernity and impeccable finish.

Elegant and Refined Design

The clasp, shaped like a hydrangea flower, reflects its name and is a true ode to luxury craftsmanship. Both spacious and refined, the interior of the Hortensia bag reveals an elegant lining, ensuring not only style but also functionality. Whether in the standard or mini version, this bag is designed to bring a touch of sophistication to every moment of your day.

Versatility and Modernity

The Hortensia bag comes in two formats to meet all your needs. The standard size is ideal for daily use with enough space for all your essentials, while the mini version is perfect for evening outings or special occasions. Both versions are crafted from grained and smooth calfskin leather, offering a rich and durable texture.

Why Choose Hortensia?

Choosing the Hortensia bag means opting for a piece of leather goods that combines grace and functionality. The Hortensia collection embodies the essence of Fleuron – a blend of sophistication, quality, and refined craftsmanship.

Explore the Hortensia collection and find the perfect bag that matches your style and needs. Experience the detailed beauty and craftsmanship of Fleuron, and let the Hortensia bag become your new favorite accessory.

Features of the Hortensia Bag

• Refined Design: Evokes the delicacy of hydrangea petals.
• Quality Materials: Crafted from grained and smooth calfskin leather.
• Two Formats: Available in standard and mini versions for maximum flexibility.
• Unique Clasp: Shaped like a hydrangea flower, a symbol of luxury craftsmanship.
• Spacious and Elegant Interior: Offers both functionality and style.

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