A stone's throw from the famous Sentier district, nestles at 3 rue Saint-Fiacre, the brand new showcase of the Haute Maroquinerie house Fleuron. Our first boutique-showroom opened in April 2022 on this Parisian street where strollers curiously explore new lifestyle brands and trendy concepts...

A hybrid space between boutique and showroom

Fleuron was born online, we are a Digital Native Vertical Brand (DNVB). Very quickly, our customers wanted to see, touch and try the product. For our first physical location, we imagined a hybrid living space which accommodates a showroom, a sales space as well as a work office for the team. This choice reflects one of our key values: working for sustainable fashion, by detaching ourselves from the superfluous, to concentrate only on what is essential.

Welcoming visitors, meeting partners, advising customers or even imagining the next pieces in the collection... Bringing together several functions in one place allows us to create a space of proximity and inspiration. Always improving, by humbly keeping our feet on the ground as close as possible to the people who live and best embody our handbags.

Beyond inspiration, this space provokes encounters, exchanges and offers a personalized “direct to consumer” experience which transforms into “human to human”.

Journey into the Fleuron universe

From the street, the eye is drawn to the electric blue of the window contrasted by the softness of the bohemian decoration. Terracotta and beige vases sit on light cane furniture which houses our latest new products as well as the emblematic handbags of our Collection.

Fleuron Paris boutique entrance

At the entrance, our bud logo comes to life in its navy blue color. On the walls, furniture made in France appears on both sides, custom-made in Île-de-France by the Tachas workshop , in order to highlight our creations, handbags and card holders. A monochrome of light, dark and camel colors mixes with more pastel shades, in a rainbow of shapes and know-how. The electric blue color, a distinctive sign of Fleuron, draws the eye to a wall in the shape of a niche, the flagship element of the store.

The middle of the space is decorated with a beige fabric sofa which invites each visitor to relax there for a moment... Or to better choose which model to adopt!

Fleuron furniture

From grained to smooth leathers, each piece of leather goods tells its own story and invites all our senses to adventure. The touch is sometimes soft, sometimes assertive, the fine scent of full-grain calfskin reveals all the aromas of the material. The details of the topstitching and the work on the edges perfect the sense of detail that is so dear to us.

Fleuron Paris office

Basically, we have set up a discreet workspace that places us at the forefront of every moment of life. Office chairs matching the pink Madura velvet curtains house leather care treasures and other wonders ... The space was designed by the interior design firm Insidy to embody, in one place, the entire universe creative from home. A project made possible thanks to the expertise of Performances LB who carried out the work of the shop.

Visit us at 3, rue Saint-Fiacre 75 002 Paris , we will be delighted to welcome you over a little coffee!