The original idea of Fleuron, two years earlier, was to create a committed slow fashion house, for whom sustainability and quality had to be at the heart of its approach. More than a brand, we have created this philosophy in which we strongly believe, that of a "New Luxury" focused on noble materials, craftsmanship, and unique design.

And turning dreams into reality is a long exciting journey, filled with incredible encounters, learnings, and – unsurprisingly – challenges.

Fleuron was born in 2020, a year that no one will soon forget, as it has changed the world, mindsets, and the future… But ultimately, this event has strengthened our determination to want to breathe meaning and harmony back into a world that has long lost these values. Each step taught us perseverance, patience, and resilience… Every new customer, partner, and influencer who showed us their trust and support was, at that time, a step forward.

We have also taken a few steps back, notably when the umpteenth location we coveted, the one that met all the criteria, let us down at the last moment. A small voice then whispered to us that maybe it would be better to stop there... This is the lot of every entrepreneur and this truth is universal: those who succeed are those who do not give up.

And fate's wink did not make us wait, as in November 2021, we were finally able to see the buds of the fruit of our labor. On the horizon, a project to open a physical store that will be THE Milestone in Fleuron's history. A month later, we were contacted by Le Bon Marché to develop an exclusive corner for the year… And to think that we almost missed such opportunities!

This end of the year 2022 is pivotal for Fleuron, although tinged with a difficult political and economic context, it marks another achievement: our first profits and a positive balance sheet that allows us to believe in bright future prospects. Transparency is one of our key values. Sharing this good news also allows us to shed light on the costs involved in creating durable, quality products with artisanal know-how:

- 50% of our expenses are focused on the creation and development of our products.
- 32% of expenses are dedicated to managing the company, including our e-commerce site, content creation, and fixed costs.
- 12% are taxes.
- 5% of expenses are related to advertising. And this is new for us! It is only since October 2022 that we have been investing in advertising, an important means of developing ourselves, as until then our reputation was built organically.
- 1% is our profit share in 2022. A small step for man, a giant leap for Fleuron!

It's thanks to you, early adopters, customers, partners, influencers turned friends, family, and all those who at one time or another talked about us or supported our project that we are here. Each of you has helped build this dream and make it better, and for that, thank you very much!

So, what can we hope for in 2023? Of course, that our world turns right side up again and that political and economic situations improve, that collectively, we become aware of our power to change things. As for us, we are eager to expand our collection and present our new pieces, colors, and accessories, always designed with the same values and attention to detail.

We will do everything possible not to disappoint you, be sure of that!

And if you too are going through the desert, remember that "Failure is the spice that gives success its flavor."

I wish you all a very beautiful and happy year 2023! Believe in yourself and your dreams.


Marine, founder of Fleuron Paris