If there is one material that provokes a captivating sensory experience, it is undeniably leather!

Used by early humans for clothing and protection from the cold, the use of leather has evolved over time to come in a multitude of shapes, colors and textures. A smooth or grained feel, a delicate scent and resistance over time, leather is the preferred raw material for ancestral leather goods know-how. A story of skin against skin…

At Fleuron, we are committed to selecting the best quality leathers and the most beautiful skins from renowned Italian, Belgian or Spanish tanners, recognized for their know-how for several decades. This is why we only use “full grain” calf leather, which is one of the most renowned and noble.

The love of beautiful materials and know-how

Each type of leather has its own characteristics (resistance, feel, thickness or aesthetics) adapted to different uses (clothing, leather goods, furniture, etc.). If the most used leathers remain that of cow, beef or pork, due to their low cost, the latter do not offer the same attributes as lamb or calf skin, sought in particular by houses luxury for their finesse, flexibility and rarity. The natural shine and unique feel of calfskin allow tanners to give it a suede, grained or smooth shape and to work with ease on the desired result. Its reputation is also based on its rarity and excellent quality, making calfskin one of the most beautiful but also the most expensive on the market.

For us, there is no question of compromising on quality or the choice of materials. We make it a point of honor that all our leathers come from Europe. Each of our suppliers is subject to control and strict compliance with current European standards.

“Full grain” leather, the most beautiful part of a skin

In animal skin, there are two parts: the outer part of the epidermis called "the flower", which constitutes the first choice and the most beautiful part of the skin, and the other, "the crust", which is the internal part of the epidermis. “Full grain” leather owes its fame to its natural thickness, its resistance, its finesse and its grained appearance. All the beauty of “full grain” leather lies in its authenticity because each skin is unique and tells a story. It is a material that improves over time by developing a patinated effect, which is a guarantee of the quality of the leather. The “crust”, or split leather, has a rougher and more rigid appearance which is less resistant over time. Longer working time is required to make it smooth or give it the desired texture.

Maintaining our leathers

To give your handbag a long life, as you will have understood, “full grain” calfskin changes over time (to become even more beautiful!) there are a few little tips to know…

  • First, avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes or cosmetic products. If your bag gets wet, dab the leather with a soft, light-colored cloth to absorb the liquid.
  • In summer, avoid prolonged exposure to heat or intense light sources.
  • Also be careful not to combine it with a textile whose colors are not fixed, for example raw jeans, because the colors migrate to the leather by friction.
  • Store it in its felt bag rather than a plastic bag and keep it in a dry place.

Come here to discover our collection of handbags and let yourself be captivated by the magnetism of our exceptional leathers.